How To Spot An Alpha Male: Characteristics Of Masculinity

There’s a lot difference between an alpha male and ordinary males, how they operate, how and why they do things, when they do it, and what makes girls attracted to them. While understand these things, you should be able to apply some of them to your life and change the way that you do things for better results. So with that said, let’s get straight.

They Hide Their Feelings
One ridiculous thing you’ll ever learn about alpha males is that you can never really know how they feel about you. Something that drives girls insane it’s not knowing whether or not a guy likes them. An alpha male is good at this game because they rarely share how they feel about somebody. The moment a guy tells a girl he likes her or verbally lets the cat out of the bag, so to speak, there’s no putting the cat back in the bag. When one verbally tells a girl he likes her, he has given up his power and mystery. By hiding their feelings and keeping you guessing, so you never really know for sure if they like you, alpha males gain the upper hand in relations with people. This is especially powerful when it comes to females because girls always want to chase and pursue the guy who they aren’t sure about, a guy who doesn’t make it obvious that he likes her. Also, if you want to read about girls and everything they want in a man click here

Alpha Males Self Validate
One fun way to think on this point is to imagine that alpha males have this thing almost like the little reactor that stays on the chest of Tony Stark. It’s kind of a weird analogy, but it makes perfect sense. One of the things that make alpha males so successful at what they do is that they truly do not need validation from other people. And they have what is the equivalent of a self-validating reactor inside of them. Alpha males don’t care if other people like them or not, they don’t let the opinions of other people affect them. Everything they do actually reflects the ability to self validate. Instead of asking themselves, “Is this going to offend somebody?” They ask themselves instead “is this going to make me happy?”. Natural Alpha males seem to have an innate ability to just not care what other people think of them. So whenever they do or say something, they look at it like, “what do I think about this?” Instead of “what will other people think about this?”

Alpha Males Do As They Please
One of the greatest differences between men who are perceived as alpha males or not is permission. Alpha males tend to do as they please, they don’t ask permission to do so. A typical alpha male is the boss of his own life, and he will steer it in whatever direction that he sees fit. Alpha males don’t ask permission before they say something because that’s just how they operate. Girls tend to chase after alpha males because alpha males don’t wait for permission to make a move, whether it’s with a girl, how they decide to make money, or anything else in life. There is an old saying that the early bird gets the worm. The people who make the most money from a trend are those who got in early. The earlier that you were able to get in when it comes to almost anything in life, the better; and to get in early you have to be the guy who does as he pleases or the guy who doesn’t wait for permission from other people. You have to be the guy who makes the bold moves, who knows what he wants, and who goes out of it.

They Never Let Emotions Control Their Actions.
How many times have we wanted to flip off the guy that just cut us off in traffic? How many times have we got angry when somebody said something that insulted us. One of the craziest things that you’ll ever learn about an alpha male and easily the most important is that these men are able to separate their feelings or emotions from their actions. If our old president decided to just hit the nuke button, every time people say something bad about him instead of simply tweeting about it, that probably wouldn’t go down as the best decision that he’s ever made. The greatest skill that an alpha male has and one that all men should consistently strive to develop is the ability to separate their actions from their emotions. Acting purely based on emotions is not typically considered a masculine trait, and positive results or outcomes rarely occur when we make important decisions when emotions are running high. Separating your emotions from your actions is a core part of maintaining a masculine frame. A man who cannot control his emotions is vulnerable and extremely volatile because in the wrong situation, acting with your emotions could easily destroy everything that you’ve worked hard for in your life.
Stereotypical alpha males get a lot of hate. But at the same time, there are many things that can be learned from how these men act. What you would do in any situation when you want to create a winning strategy is to take all the knowledge that you can from other people’s strategies, apply those to your strategy and discard the rest that doesn’t apply to you. The guys who get the best results, whether with girls or anything else in life are not those who copy word for word, action for action, the strategy of other men. The men who get the best results are those who take bits and pieces from many strategies or from many sources of knowledge to form the strategy that ultimately works best for them. When taking some of the greatest bits of wisdom from the so-called alpha males, one of the best ways to begin formulating the strategy that works best for you is to take the good and eliminate the bad. It would be really easy to hate on men who fit this stereotype perfectly. But at the end of the day, rather than hating on it, the better thing to do would be to ask yourself about what you can learn from them.

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