Six Places A Woman Can Never Resist When Being Touched

Body romance is not a hard job, it only depends on one’s skill. Both males and females have these intense erogenous zones that are made totally for pleasure. When these zones are being activated, they send chills and pleasure chemicals running over the body. In women, these areas are more common to find than in men who relatively have few. Turning a woman on or getting her in the mood might be difficult for you, that’s because you’ve been going for the wrong places. Women will almost not resist these sensitive areas when they’re stroked, caressed, or touched there. These erogenous zones in women are not necessarily concentrated on private areas of the body and are easy to locate. So if you’re on a mission to get your girlfriend sexually excited in any possible way, then here are 6 perfect places to touch her.

1. Nape of the neck

This is the base of the neck, from the back (where the hair usually ends) to the base sides of the neck. This area not only provides a warm feeling when touched, but it can also turn into an erogenous zone in females when talking about pleasure. Neck kisses might be seen as a simple romantic gesture but some women rank it as being as pleasurable as kissing the nipple. This area is too good to be ignored. Every woman likes it and will likely tilt her head away from kisses, licks, and touches exposing the neck for more. While exploring the neck do not forget the ear, both around it and the ear itself. It’s not new to hear that the ear is a sensitive spot that goes hand-in-hand with neck pleasure when stroked with the tongue. Kissing the neck is a good way to start, and even more romantic than lip kissing. It’s always a great turn-on for women and almost irresistible providing the give warmth and pleasure.

2. Lips 

We just grew up getting to know that kissing is a cool sexual arousal activity without knowing that the lip itself is a sensitive spot. The lips are sensitive to touches and licks but mostly with no sign of sexual pleasure until it gets to meet another. Kissing a woman in the lips is one popular way of turning her on and can never be out of fashion. Although kissing is surrounded by other activities, it shouldn’t cloud the fact that sucking of the lips should be a very concentrated activity for maximum pleasure. 

3. The belly

The belly is a great source of stimulation in women especially when bare. The belly button should not be left out, it is a sensitive spot which when handled well can give out intense stimulation in some women. It has its own concept “naval fetishization” which focuses on using the naval to attain full-blown sexual pleasure. Caressing the lower abdomen can send chills to the body and gets more ticklish the lower you get. It makes her feel you’re going down on her. Belly stimulation is best when kissing and licking the neck from behind her while running your fingers around her bare belly; no woman can resist that! Licking across the abdomen and pecking kisses around the belly is another feeling of its own which only women can explain but not resist. The belly, when stimulated perfectly can get her lubricated and anticipating sex.

4. The areola and nipples

When stimulating and arousing a girl, it goes more smoothly when you go from less sensitive parts to intense ones. The breast is an example. Going straight to the nipple can make the breast stimulation short and less enjoyable. To get a woman gently turned on, you start by caressing the breast around the base before ascending. The areola which is the dark spot surrounding the nipple should be carefully rubbed and licked while cupping the breast. The breast is very sensitive with lots of nerves concentrated on the areola and nipple. Stimulating the areola for a while can make the nipple very sensitive to touch because it should have been swollen and peaked out. Then, you can go for the nipple as you lick it, slightly pinch and suck it. This will release waves of pleasure hormones around her body. Utilizing the breast this way will surely have her hands on your head with her mouth open. Less likely, what is called “breastgasm” might occur, then she is no longer in control of herself. 

5. Inner thighs

The leg, from the feet to the thighs is a popular sexy body part depending on how they’re exposed. Since they’re tools of seduction, there’s really a great amount of pleasure to be mined there. The inner thighs are no doubt one the closest areas to the chief erogenous zone and are one of the ways for a quick turn-on. They’re packed with sensory nerves that are very sensitive to almost any stimuli, pain, pressure, touch, temperature, etc. When making out with a woman, the thighs is not a place that should be rushed immediately because it is a too intense way to start which might make it less sensitive. It should be engaged when things start getting hot. Around the leg area, there’s also the back of the knee which can instantly produce sexual pleasure when the body is getting excited. All these areas are so effective that when being engaged, it only drives her crazy yearning for more.

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6. Clitoris

If there’s any organ created for the sole purpose of pleasure with no dual functionality, then it’s the clitoris. Know as one of the main causes of orgasm in women, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female body, 2-3 more sensitive than a penis. The clitoris when aroused is erect and is mostly engaged during oral and hand sex. Stimulating the clitoris can trigger very high sexual excitement that could cause her to squirm around. At this point, a woman can’t afford you break off from her until orgasm is reached. Clitoral stimulation can be seen as the most pleasurable sensation a woman can ever have. During foreplay, utilize the clitoris to its full potential and she will go south and have her head clouded. The clitoris is also a very powerful tool in satisfying a woman in bed and is arguably the chief erogenous zone. 

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