How To Increase Breast Size And Firmness In 7 Days Using These 3 Methods

The human breast generally known as the mammary gland is a large organ that grows on the chest of the woman. It is made of fats, glandular tissues, and produces the milk used to feed babies too. The breast is also a provocative female feature with the nipple filled with sensory nerves for sexual pleasure. In a bid to look more provocative, women try to make their breasts rigid and bloated using different techniques both safe and unsafe while some opt for surgery. The truth is that the breast is not made up of muscles, making the task even tougher. There’s no difficulty you should worry about when using a safe and effective method which we’ll be highlighting in this article. There are several methods of increasing your breast’s size and making them firm but we’ve made some picks to come to the best which are listed below.┬áHere is how to increase your breast size in 7 days with this 3 methods.

1. Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises in their numerous benefits extend to helping the breasts too. There are certain exercises that help in strengthening the pectoral, thoracic, and other muscles around the breast thus boosting the breast firmness and encouraging breast growth. Here are some yoga exercises to try out.

i) Bow Pose

Bow Pose

Lay down on your belly with your hands alongside, while you slowly lift up your leg to reach to your buttocks by bending your knee. When it is within your reach, grab your ankle by both sides, you’d form an arch with your back. Stay like that for a couple of seconds as long as you can endure before you release yourself. Do it again for like 3 to 4 times.

ii) Triangle pose

Triangle Pose

Spread your feet apart while standing straight. Now without leaning forward and backward bend to your side and touch your right ankle, slowly stand straight and do it to your left. You can do it as many times as you want. 

There are also effective exercises such as the camel and the cobra pose, and push-ups, you can watch them online.

2. Eat foods that grow breasts

For any change we are embarking on for our body, the diet should be the first step to be taken. Food has a great role to play when increasing the breast size and its firmness. We are what we eat, and what we take in decides how our body will be. There are some foods with certain nutrients such as estrogen, prolactin, and phytoestrogen, etc, that can help our breast growth and its firmness. Some examples are, milk: with no doubt, milk should be a crucial addition to the diet of anyone longing for breast growth. It is rich in protein, estrogens, and prolactin, making it very healthy for the breasts. Other foods with great nutritional value for the breast include chestnut, soybean/milk, wheat, beans, white meat, fish, including some vegetables and fruits like apples and plums. Your weight too is a factor for breast addition. Click here if you want to know more about weight gaining.

3. Breast Massage

How To Increase Breast Size And Firmness In 7 Days Using These 3 Methods

This is a very popular method for breast increase. Breast massage not only Increases the breast size and firmness, but it also helps the breast structure and health in a lot of ways. It can be used to detect breast cancer too. Here’s how to perform a breast massage without going to a spa.

Find a conducive room, one that is calm with no form of noise or disturbance. Get an oil, a coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil, or any skin oil. Start with one breast and start by rubbing the breast with the lubricant in a circular motion from the tip (nipple) down to the edges around the armpit area. For around 10 minutes keep massaging either the left or right breast one after the other for effective results.

Benefits: Breast massaging can help free clogged ducts, and detoxify lymph nodes. It can be used as an effective self-examination for the detection of cysts, lumps, and cancer. Start massaging your breast today, it has a lot of benefits.

Breast size is mostly determined genetically and also controlled by hormones whereby a pregnant mother might experience an increase in breast size. This doesn’t mean that breast growth or firmness cannot be controlled or projected. Following the right steps will not only give you your desired shape but will increase your health and eliminate the risks of breasts diseases. The methods listed above are all-natural remedies that can be carried out at home without much cost. 

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