5 Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

5 things every woman wants in a man

Everyone wants the best in everything, even in their relationship partner; birthing the word – “the perfect man” or “the perfect woman”. Although such things barely exist, there are still some crucial traits needed in a man by a woman which women are indirectly referring to when they say “the perfect man”. Women are sensitive and know the kind of man they want. Maybe today, they’re falling in love with the reserved and shy guy, and tomorrow, they’re admiring the exuberant guy’s energy. The two guys might be of very different personalities, but they must have had these very alluring features that captivate every woman, everything she needs in a man. But what are those charming personalities? That’s why we’ll be leading you to a detailed list of 5 things every woman wants in a man.

1. Self-confidence

This is a very great asset every man should have. Self-confidence is the act of having a firm belief in oneself and a sense of self-worth while having the ability to drive yourself with great courage, without any signs of internal weaknesses. It is a great symbol of masculinity and any woman sees the lack of this as being weak. It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert or introvert, anyone can have self-confidence or groom it, it gives effective control of one’s life.

2. Sense of humor

5 things every woman wants in a man

It’s no news that women love the funny guys but why? Hilarious people might not only bring a sense of happiness but can be attractive too. This is because being amusing comes with many traits which women unintentionally conclude you possess. Traits such as intelligence, honesty, and faithfulness tend to be attached to funny people even though they might not possess them. The concept of humor is believed to be grounded on other attractive personalities. Being a funny person does not just have you cracking her ribs, but also her heart. Women love men who can access their emotions, they see it as a charming personality in every man. Maybe if you’re having a hard time getting to a woman’s heart, then you can check out our article on how to approach a woman here

3. Protective

Being a protective man means that you jealously guard her, being so possessive and being so dominant around her. While men love women being submissive and clingy, women feel loved too by being protected and dominated. When a man doesn’t display any of these, it is a big turn-off for a woman, she won’t feel loved and will feel so insecure. On a normal basis, men would always display this trait to whoever they love, they would be so protective of wherever their heart is, that is why women need this in their man, they want to feel loved and cared for, just as they feel for you.

4. Romantic

5 things every woman wants in a man

You might have wondered why women are so obsessed with romance novels and TV shows, maybe they don’t get enough of it in their life outside their fantasies. Romantic moves made by men can make a very deep impression on a woman, it triggers a high feeling of attraction of the female towards whoever made the gesture. Deep romantic letters, flattering words of compliments, random captivating gifts, and random kisses and pecks can elevate a woman more than you think. An absence of these gestures in a man might not quickly make the woman leave (as some men are naturally unromantic) but would increase the chance of losing her to any advancing lover boy that makes her feel like a woman in a romantic movie. 

5. Honesty and Faithfulness

Women are so soft and love easily, and they more emotional relatively. Therefore, faithfulness is one of the top 5 things every woman wants in a man. They feel safe with men who are upright and being a “playboy” is a big turn-off for women unless they’re not in love with you. Being faithful to a woman makes them think they’re valued, giving them a sense of appreciation.

These are special traits needed in a man for every woman. Tip-off: Women are more attracted to men with a masculine personality and any other thing associated with that, that’s why you see women flock around alpha males. But not being an alpha male doesn’t mean you’re less of a man, just give a woman the above things, and she’s sure yours.

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